La Quebrada …, 2010



The “Quebrada” has more colours than my palett. 
Bicente’s Proyect, Parada Quebrada Painting Museum José Antonio Terry in Tilcara,Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina.August, 2010.
In the summer of 1920 Leonie Matthis (1883, Troyes, Francia – 1952, Turdera, Buenos Aires), was invited by the artist Jose Antonio Terry to visit and paint “La Quebrada” for the first time. She studied deeply the atmospheric phenomenon. During my visit to Tilcara, by recognizing  the local arquitecture and landscape I localized Leonie’s points of view (streets, corners & parks).
Then I made a “plein air” performance where I used Leonie’s same technique (gouche over paper) and I preferred to make a reflection about life, conflicts in the actual North and the dialogue in between with local people, making with Leoniés and my paintings a dialogue between them.
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